Samsung can’t get the world to forget about the explosive nature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so instead it seems to be putting a lot of effort into convincing people that the Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t have the same defects, or any defects at all, and it’s doing this in part with a video. […]

Vodafone UK has raised the profile of its top partners by hand picking an elite group and giving them Total Communications Status, its first round of top draw accreditations under its new partner programme. The selected companies include Boosh 365, CCS MPW, Comm-Tech Voice & Data, Connected Telecom, DRC, Excalibur Communications, Pescado, PMGC Technology Group, […]

The cross-party Science and Technology Select Committee (House of Commons) has today warned that the Government’s controversial new Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) could cost significantly more than claimed and needs to be clearer about what it expects ISPs to actually do. The bill marks the third attempt by a Government to expand the United Kingdom’s […]

The Chief Executive of BT’s Technology, Service and Operations, Clive Selley (54), has today been confirmed as the replacement for outgoing Joe Garner in the role of CEO at the operator’s Openreach division, which is responsible for the national UK broadband and phone network. Readers might recall that Joe Garner, who had only been in the […]