United Networks are a leading provider of connectivity solutions, covering a wide range of products from a single ADSL line, to fully managed Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Working with clients we help you design, build, implement and manage your connectivity solution by searching all the major providers, ensuring you get the very best in terms of reliability and value for money.

By having relationships with all the main UK providers including; Vodafone, BT Group, Sky, EE, 02, 3 and Talk Talk we constantly seek out the best deals, ensuring your time is spent on your businesses goals.

An example of this is The Sports Academy, when they introduced new machines that incorporated WiFi for a gym relaunch there was a need to improve and increase existing internet connectivity speeds.

United Networks sourced an Internet leased line which provided; a guaranteed upload and download of 100mb, 4 hour fix times which has ensured they have the capacity to exceed customer expectations and offer a great customer experience.

Not only did United Networks achieve a seamless installation, but we managed to secure a considerable saving for The Sports Academy based on competitor’s quotations.

Find out more about our connectivity solutions below.

  • Broadband/ADSL

    In our Broadband/ADSL portfolio we are able to deliver a range of solutions to choose from

    Single Line Solutions

    These solution use existing copper or fibre, which you can receive is determined by what feeds your premises. FTTC is capable of providing much higher speeds than ADSL.

    Multi Line Solutions

    Multiple line solutions are a way of combining multiple ADSL or FTTC lines to increase your connectivity speeds without the need for expensive Leased Line Solutions. Typically a multi line solution uses 4 lines however it can use more if needed. Solutions available are:

    • Bonded DSL
    • Bonded FTTC

    Speak to the team to see what speeds you could be achieving.

  • EFM/Leased Lines

    Are you looking for a dedicated internet connection with guaranteed speeds, fix times and reliability?

    If you are then Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) or an Internet Leased Line is the solution for you.

    These solutions provide an internet connection that is dedicated to you and you alone. Depending on both budget and speed requirement will determine if an EFM or Fibre solution is chosen with EFM having capped top speeds.

    Not only do these solutions provide a dedicated line but they also provide:

    • Guaranteed reliability – 99.99% (EFM), 99.999% (Fibre)
    • Guaranteed fix times – 4 hours (EFM), 2 hours (Fibre)

    Contact the team today to find out more and get your price.


    Looking for a multiple site connectivity solution?

    Whether it be a Wide Area Network (WAN) or Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) solution you require with our multiple vendor relationships we are able to price match if not beat the price of other providers.


    We will work with you to understand the needs to each and every site in your network to ensure the correct connectivity types are matched to each offices needs both now and in the future.

    To discuss your WAN/MPLS requirements contact the team.

  • 3G/4G

    Are you looking for connectivity resilience?

    With the speeds of 4G a 3G/4G router can be a great option to use either as a resiliency option, to run back ups or, as a failover.

    What’s more with a one off cost for the router you can then control monthly costs by using a data only SIM providing an affordable back up solution for your organisation.

    Contact the team to find out more about our 3G/4G solutions.