With 20 years as a certified Avaya Partner and Service/Support Specialist, United Networks have a wealth of experience in helping organisations from small, privately owned independents to large PLC’s.

Based out of 2 regional centres, we cover the greater London and South East areas from our Borehamwood base and the South West from our base in Totnes, Devon.

Why do we partner with Avaya? The reasons for us are simple; they are the market leader for telephony and an innovator, offering excellent reliability and ease of use with great support and back-up.

By utilising a range of  suppliers rather than being fixed to one we are able to bespoke build solutions around the exact requirements and budgets of our clients, ensuring our proposals and what we deliver are exactly the right fit.

Marchand Petit Estate Agents chose United Networks because we provide a single point of contact for all their communication requirements, ranging from broadband, fixed lines, phone system and mobile. Find out more about each of our telephony solutions below.

  • PBX

    Using Avaya as our preferred partner we are able to provide PBX solutions.

    Is PBX the right solution for you?
    • Provides a solution with a focus on one off costs (CapEx)
    • No hidden surprises
    • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Increases the available features
    • Allows bespoke solutions to be built to your exact needs
    • If you suffer from poor connectivity

    In addition PBX solutions see existing infrastructure used (digital or analogue), removes the need for new cabling and provides great future flexibility and scalability whether that be adding users or moving to SIP trunks in the future.

    Speak to the team to discuss your requirements

  • Cloud PBX

    Cloud PBX can provide a good solution for organisations that have good internet connectivity speeds, hosted voice quality and reliability is reliant on this so it’s the first thing to check out.

    Is Cloud the right solution for you?
    • If you are looking to regularly update and refresh your handsets
    • If you are looking for an on-going monthly cost rather than up front investments
    • You can choose a handset and call package that works for you

    Cloud PBX provides great flexibility and allows you to scale as you need to.

    To find out more about our Cloud PBX solutions contact the team.

    • Perfect if you are looking for a telephony solution that can easily move with you to new premises
  • Mobile

    Working with all UK providers we’re able to supply SIM only and mobile handset deals.

    Why would you want a SIM only deal?
    • Great if you’re looking for the best deal but have no need for a handset refresh
    • Ideal for providing data to tablets
    • Supports BYOD by providing staff with SIMs to place in their own devices
    • No minimum term
    • Access to great data deals
    • Typically deals provides unlimited calls
    • Typically deals provide unlimited texts


    Contact the team to hear about our latest deals and discuss handsets if you require any!

  • Call Recording

    Does your organisation have the need to record calls?

    Whether it be for training, compliance (such as PCI) or another purpose we are able to provide call recording solutions that are compatible with your current telephony system including analogue, digital and SIP.

    We can manage the configuration and set up so you have peace of mind the system works as it needs to.

    To find out more about our call recording solutions contact the team.


  • Phone Lines & Minutes

    United Networks have a great reputation not just for providing phone lines but for ensuring we get you the best possible rates for your calls too.

    Call rates

    Challenge us! Provide us with your last 3 months bills and we will beat it!

    • Call bundles that suit your needs – local, international, national
    • We guarantee the BEST rates


    If you’re looking for phone numbers (DDIs) we are able to source them including; geographic, freephone, 0800, 0844, 0845 and non geographic (NGA).

    Find out more about our call packages and challenge us to bear your current costs. Contact the team.