The United Networks team have a combined experience of over 50 years within the Telecommunications and Networking fields. This means you will always be provided with a balanced and independent view point.

Our consultancy services include:

IT Infrastructure Audits

Our team will spend time to understand the existing workings of not just your IT Infrastructure but your organisation. This will help them to identify potential areas for improvement and development as well as make recommendations for how they could be improved and developed.

Professional Guidance & Support

Sometimes organisations need some additional skills and expertise to help shape IT & Telco strategies. With over 50 years combined experience our team can help provide this either on an on-going basis or as and when it is strategically required.

Project Management

Often when key projects are being delivered in terms of IT & Telco additional resource is needed to help scale up resources and reach deadlines. Our experienced team can have the ability to provide this additional resource bringing with it the required skills to both manage projects and understand IT & Telco systems.

Design & Install

We often find that organisations know the solution that is required to meet organisation needs in terms of IT & Telco but are unsure of how to ensure the solution is both designed and installed correctly to deliver to those needs. Our experienced engineers can help by completing system designs and installs.

United Networks Consultancy in action!

Deugro have approximately 1,000 employees dedicated to project logistics around the world. They operate across more than 70 offices that are strategically located at gateways in over 35 countries.

As an organisation they wanted to ensure they were achieving the best value for money for their fixed line call costs and knew that United Networks could provide them with an unbiased recommendation due to our independence and, experience of operating internationally with all the major telephony carriers.

United Networks were able to show Deugro how they could achieve substantial savings in excess of thousands per month, by switching from their current supplier to a more cost effective package.  We then worked with all the key decision makers within Deugro over a number of months and helped them achieve a stress free transfer without incurring any additional exit fees.