Voiceflex set to launch FCA compliant SIP call recording

Responding to demand from partners Voiceflex is gearing up to launch FCA compliant SIP call recording and storage on March 1st.

“Due to the large number of channels we support across multiple data centres, the conventional recording equipment wasn’t man enough for the job,” said Paul Taylor, Sales Director.

Taylor also noted that call recording has become a de facto must-have within many sectors, a requirement that has been triggered by what he described as a prevailing ‘culture of blame’.

“Employees and customers need protection,” added Taylor. “The only way to protect verbal communication is via call recording.”

Voiceflex’s SIP trunk call recording solution is hosted in the cloud and offers free set-up with no fixed monthly commitment. Customers pay only for why they use, and they have the option of deleting recordings and downloading them to be stored locally.

“Our call recording application is designed for partners selling cloud or on premise-based telephony to businesses wanting to record both incoming as well as outgoing SIP calls,” added Taylor.