BT fined record £42m by Ofcom

Ofcom’s reaction to Openreach broadband installation delays was a record £42m fine, but according to Bamboo Technology Group MD Lorrin White there remains big questions over how quickly the UK’s fixed line network can be improved.

“As a provider working in the fixed line arena for nearly 20 years we are used to the complexities and moving goalposts of Openreach’s compensation processes so are not surprised to learn that rules have been breached to avoid successful claims,” she said.

“While the fine reflects the significant impact that late installations have on businesses and was deemed a justified figure by Ofcom, I hope it will instigate the shake-up required to avoid such rule flouting in the future.

Openreach has already agreed to meet Ofcom’s demands to become a separate company – a step we wholeheartedly support and agree with – but as a telecoms provider that works with Openreach every day we only want it to succeed.

“Openreach needs to commit everything it can to significant nationwide fibre investment. To do that it needs all the resources it can get.”